Sell OSTER Cockroach and Termite Killer

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OSTER Cockroach and Termite Killer
OSTER Insecticide is the most advanced environment-friendly and wide-spectrum insecticide in the 21st century produced with ingredients exclusively extracted from plants and state-of-the-art biological engineering technology introduced from Europe. Being free from odor, pollution and side effect on human beings and domestic animals, the product can maintain its effect for at least seven days after application. The product has a strong killing effect on cockroaches and termites and can clear the room of such pests after application for several times. The product effect can remain on hard floor for seven days and is best felt in kitchen corners, cupboards, wardrobes, libraries and foodstuff warehouses without leaving any stain.
Points for attention:
1. Shake well before use and keep the product from being washed away in places of application;
2. The product can be used in places with good ventilation. Dont spray the product in the air to avoid a reduced effect;
3. Dont spray on cold-blooded animals that are not intended for killing, such as
silkworms and fish, etc.
4. Under the product effect, cockroaches would be driven by physiological and biochemical reaction to die in moist and shaded places such as sewage pipes or damp grounds outdoors. Therefore, while cockroach bodies may well not be visible, the number of cockroaches would dramatically fall in the room.

Active constituent: natural pyrethrum, 0.05%
State Pesticide Registration Number: WL20021091
Execution Standard: Q/FASH001-2002
Net Contents: 450ml
Date of Production: See the bottom Shelf Life: Two years