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OSTER Pet Pesticide

OSTER Insecticide is the most advanced environment-friendly and wide-spectrum insecticide in the 21st century produced with ingredients exclusively extracted from plants and state-of-the-art biological engineering technology introduced from Europe. Being free from odor, pollution and side effect on human beings and domestic animals, the product can maintain its effect for at least seven days after application. OSTER Pet Pesticide is specially produced for killing parasite pests on pets.

1. Spray the product on dogs, cats or birds against the direction in which the hair grows and refrain from washing the pet for one day after the application (licking of the product residue by the pets is harmless) , thus killing effectively lice, fleas and mites;
2. Direct spray on the pets will not cause any skin irritation, titillation or other side effects;
3. Apply the product once a week on pets can effectively kill and keep off pests, thus preventing the spread of diseases.

Points for attention:

The product is an aqueous solution.
Shake well before use and store in shaded places;
Keep the product from being washed away in places of application;
Dont spray on cold-blooded animals that are not intended for killing, such as silkworms and fish, etc.

Active constituent: natural pyrethrum, 0.05%

State Pesticide Registration Number: WL20021091

Execution Standard: Q/FASH001-2002
Net Contents: 150ml
Date of Production: See the bottom
Shelf Life: Two years