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offer a series of OTR tires;1400-20,1600-24,1600-25,1800-25,1800-33,15.5-25,17.5-25,23.5-25,26.5-25,29.5-25,2100-35,2400-35,2700-49,3300-51-----.
Pattern: E3/L3 Suitable for mining dump vehicle and loading vehicle, its high strengthen nylon structure has very strong load-bearing capacity. The S pattern design contributes its sound tow function and anti-slip function. With fine wear-durable, cutting-durable, longer service life and wide-ranging application, it is fitting for the working environments such as architecture, municipal construction and civil engineering.
The gear style design accompanied with the unique cutting-durable formula, not only possess itself with excellent cutting-durable, wear-durable, tear-resistance, and driving stability, but also retain its tow function. It is fitting for the harsh working environments such as water and electricity construction, opencast mining, quarry, architecture, etc. Furthermore, it has longer service life than common L-3 and L-4, which lessens your ceasing time caused by frequent changes of the tyre.