Sell OTS155/622 STM-1/4 Compact Multiplexer

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STM-1 Optical interface can up to 10 channels and perfect network management.
Providing 1008 W 1008 VC12 level or 16 W 16 VC4 level non-blocking cross-connection, allows configuring STM-1 system to/from STM-4 system only by replacing interface modules; simply up grading.
Providing E1, E3, E4, 10/100Base-T, V.35/V.24. STM-1e/o interfaces.
Providing 4 extended slots reserving traffics to be extended.
Providing Fast Ethernet interface with easily modulate, double IP exchange function.
Providing timing synchronous interfaces as follows, external clock, SDH liner clock, 2M tributary clock, and STM-1 and STM-4 timing source inputs.
Provides perfect network management system with the application of upgrading, flexible network configuration to control various subnet and remote monitoring.