Sell OTT Residential Storage Electric Water Heater DR60B/DR60B-A

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 Patent Backflow-Proof Inlet Device (ZL 02 2 15723.9)
The patent backflow-proof device (ZL 02 2 15723.9) , could not only thoroughly exterminate hot water backflow if the water supply system stops working, but also prevent the heating element from heating without water.
 Patent Safety Energy-Saving Valve (ZL 03 2 28638.4)
Play all roles in one including insulation, thermal insulation and excess voltage prevention, which could provide strong protections to water heater to reduce heat loss and improve heating efficiency evidently.
 Surface Thermostat
Use Germanic E. G. O. surface thermostat first in China. It is convenient to operate with high precision and safety.
 Quality Super Thick Steel Plate
The special quality 3mm steel plate could ensure the excellent pressure-bearing ability of vitreous enamel tank.
 Vitreous Enamel Tank
Vitreous enamel utilized in OTT tank is provided by FERRO Company of America. With the automatic wet enamel lining technique, the enamel lining and the steel plate fuse together at 900 0, which enable the performance norm of OTT enamel tank to reach the first-class in the world.
 Super Large Anode Protection
The anode magnesium rod provided on the basis of Germanic DIN4753 standard is 60% bigger than ordinary electric water heater has, which improves the performance of protecting the tank from corrosion effectively.
 Heating Element Separating Water from Electricity and Preventing from Heating without Water
Supposing it heating without water for 24 hours, its electrical performance data will still keep fixed. Particular screw thread connection makes it airtight and exchangeable. With insulating resistance of 1000M(Ohms) , it could provide 500 times safety for you that is far higher than national standard of 2M(Ohms) .
 Leakage Current Protection
High quality leakage current protector would cut off the power in 0.1 second when slight current leaks, which could make you safe.
 Environmental Protection Non-Fluorine Polyurethane Foaming Insulation Layer
Super thick non-fluorine polyurethane foaming wholly and evenly under high pressure keeps heat extremely well. It could still supply hot water even if the power is cut for 48 hours.
 Frostbite Prevention
If the water heater is not used for a long time, the thermostat could be set at low degree. When the temperature is lower than 5 0 , the thermostat would switch on automatically and switch off when higher than 5 0 . It is especially suitable for cold area.
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&26#65374;220V 50Hz
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ZL 02 2 15723.9