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Oak barrel is an ideal container for maturing liquors, including wine, ratafee, vermuth, brandy, whisky, rum, gin, imported wine and spirits, XO, imitated imported wine and spirits, juniper juice, health care medicine wine, and tonic wine, etc. Oak contains more than 10 components itself, such as, dambonite (tannin) , lignin, carbohydrate, eugenol, cellulose, oak lipoid, polyphenol chemicals, aldehyde and aromatic acids, etc. Detecting by modern scientific testing means such as, HPLC/GC, and mass chromatographic analysis, found that the substances peaks of fragrance of the aging liquors stored in oak barrels is much higher, for xylon micro-holes can make small volume of oxygen slowly penetrate into the barrel, which accelerates all sorts ingredients to be set, associated, condensed and polymerized again, and remove the monotonous and kick of the monotonous fragrance. Furthermore, many components of oak and liquors take delicate and complicated reaction and change when the liquors was stored in the oak barrel to stay in a balanced state finally, which makes the wine's fragrance stronger and purer, taste softer, plentiful, mellower and richer, such, the taste and the quality is improved obviously.
Now, we produce the oak barrels with the specification of 4000L, 3000L, , , , 225 L, 100L, 50L, 20L, 15L, 5L, 3L and 1.5L, also, we could manufacture according to customers different requirements.
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