Sell Odors and Flavors Adsorbent

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LISIDE-500 is a highly active adsorbent material for the removal of undesirable odors and flavors from polymers. This special adsorbent system can easily be incorporated as an additive to existing masterbatch formulations.

Application fields:
LISIDE-500 effectively can adsorb all kinds of hydrocarbons, solvents and toxic organic compounds down to very low levels in the processing of all kinds of polymer, such as PVC, ABS, PA6, PP, PET, PS, and PVDC.

Procedure dosage:
2 - 0. 1% for PVC and PVDC products, (tested according to real condition) , 1 - 0. 01% for ABS, PA6, PP, PET, and PS products (shall be tested according to real condition)