Sell Off - Grid Photovoltaic Power System

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The off - grid photovoltaic power system automatically convert sunshine directly into electricity, produce clean, cost-effective power, silently, with no moving parts. They are most ideal for the application where utility power is insufficient or not convenient to reach, such as in remote areas or for outdoor power supplies (power suppliers for communication devices, alarm systems, etc) , they are also idea for general-purpose applications, such as in some cases of home power supplies, public power supplies and emergency power supplies, etc.

The systems include PI series solar electric inverter/chargers, high-efficient solar panels, large-volume rechargeable batteries and all the major components needed for a complete installation, and the installation for the system is quite simple. The systems are proved to have high solar-electric conversion efficiency, stable working performance and long service life through our strict test in use. Please refer to the table to get a glance information of these systems, we can also design and make different solar electric generator systems as per clients' special requirements.

System type: PV100, PV250, PV500
Effective output power: 250W, 450W, 900W
Power for solar panels: 2*50W, 5*50W, 5*100W
Inverter output power: 300W, 500W, 1000W
Battery Capacity: 12V85Ah, 12V200Ah, 12V400Ah
Output voltage: AC115V/230V
Frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
2 to 3 weeks
Minimum Order Quantity
3 sets
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