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Application method:
Put the facial mask (ice pack) into the icebox and take out after 1 hour. If it`s urgent to use the eye mask, you can put it in the icebox in advance, and place it on the brow when you want to use.
Application range:
1. Can improve the facial micro-circulation, eliminate and improve the tiredness of eyes, recover the elasticity of muscle around the eyes.
2. Can improve the discomfort such as swirling and dazzling, easy-forgetting, anorexia etc. To alleviate migraine, neurasthenic, insomnia and so on.
3. Can eliminate pouch, black eyes, improve the glabrousness and the elasticity of facial skin.
The facial mask is only external use. If the eyes or skin get touch with the inner liquid, wash it with clean water thoroughly. If it is eaten incautiously, it is needed to drink lots of clean water and spit out it. If necessary, go to hospital.
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