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PVD Coatings

Typical decorative PVD coating applications:
Door & window hardware, kitchen & bath fixtures, Lighting fixtures, marine hardware, Appliance trim, Medical instruments, Sporting goods, Musical instruments, Entertainment & gaming components, Vehicle trim and many other hardware items.

Gold, Brass, Rose Gold, Copper, Blue, Brown, Black, Silver, Smoke-gray, Bronze, Purple, Wine Red, etc.

Special characteristics:
1. Rich color choices, smooth surface, bright color and life time guarantee on color appearance.
2. Scratch resistance, effective to protect from surface damages when contacting with hard and sharp objects.
3. Broad applications, superior adhesion with base material.
4. New environmental friendly surface coating teachnology  A real pollution free solution.
5. We can custom blend colors to meet special requirements.
6. Economical: saving you the cost and time for polishing and cleaning the surface comparing to other type of coatings. It only requires a clean cloth and Windex when cleaning is required.
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Available Colors
Gold, Brass, Rose Gold, Copper
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