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The XIUJUN flexible composite Ridge Roll is a universally applicable product for roof ridge and ridge ventilation on pitched roofs. It can be applied to all roof tile materials, e. g. concrete or clay tiles.

XIUJUN Ridge Roll is characterized by a very large ventilation cross section. The materials used are resistant to rough climatic conditions at the installation site and guarantee a long service life. The substrate, a composite of fleeces and foil, displays excellent mechanical characteristics. It is connected to the pleated metal edge strips by a high-quality adhesive. The bond seam is resistant to both high and low temperatures and ensures the unrestricted function of the roll ridge in all practical relevant conditions.

The metallic edge strips have strong adhesive butyl tape on the underside for fixing on the roof tiles. It adheres intensely to all clean roof tile surface and is character-rised by an outstanding initial adhesion.

Technical data:
Length:5m or 10m
Width: 300mm or 350mm
Ventilation cross section: > 210 cm2 per running metre
Pleated edge strips: varnished aluminium
Material strength of the edge strips:0.15mm
Edge strips available in colours: Tile Red, Charcoal Grey and blue
Substrate: Composite of fleeces and foil
Substrate UV stability: 4 months during direct UV-radiation
Tear strength of substrate: >90 N
Butyl adhesive strips:
Temperature stability from -300C to +800C
Processing temperature from +50C to +350C
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300mm(350mm) x 5m
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3000 rolls
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