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Offer to buy by-product of chicken, lamb and cattle urgently, as following:
Cattle by-product: Beef Tripe, Beef Tendon, Bible / Omasum, Pizzle, Spinal Cord,
Chicken by-product: Chicken Feet-long Cut, Chicke Paws-short Cut, Skin-on Drumstic
Lamb by-product: Lamb Tripe
If you have some in stock, please contact us as soon as possible by email. Be sure to enclose your factory's inspection number, general description of your company, photograph of the products, the CNF price to be transported to destination port (Hong Kong) .
Your kind information will be highly valued and appreciated!
Wish our full cooperation to explore the vast potential market of China in this area.

The Pacific Trading Co; LTD
The Pacific Trading Co; LTD was founded in 1985. We have held on selling by-product of beef, hog and lamb in Chinese main land for 20 years. Now, We have become a best firm in China with annual sale total 30,000MT of all kinds of meat products, And our sale market mainly focus on the Northern area and center area of China. Especially on the Zhengzhou , Capital of Henan province; Jinan, Capital of shandong province; Xi'an, Capital of sanxi province. Also , many our commodity have been sold to Nanjing, Capital of Jiangshu province, Wuhan, Capital of Hubei province and Beijing. We have established our Office in Guangzhou, Panyu, and Fuosan , which in Guangdong province for import our cattle by-product. We import and sale below commodity:
Beef by-products:tripe, honeycomb, tendon, pizzle, honeycomb tripe, spinal cord, aorta, bible, shank, tongue, tail.
Lamb by-products: tripe, pizzle, kidney, tendon.
Hog: tripe, knuckle, kidney, auris, nose.
Chicken: chicken-feet, bone-in skin-on leg.
As in the beginning , We import the cattle by-product through the HongKong's agency, For we are a hinterland importer, And now , We established our Ex/IM department in Zhengzhou city, which one center city of China. Urgently, We wish to build relationship with cattle supply manufactory again.
We seek for these commodity urgently:
Beef by-products:tripe, honeycomb, tendon, pizzle, honeycomb tripe, spinal cord, aorta, bible.
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