Sell Office Partitions

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Metal fittings: Adopting the products produced by Taiwan or joint ventures, having the feature of simple structure, quick installation, firm joint, wear well, etc. The lock buckle adopt importing center safe lock, fold key.

Active cabinet: The basic materials are the same with office table. Drawer and cubbyhole adopt 8MM thick cool rolling steel to make, the surfaces are painted with mold, smart, high intensity, non-distortion. Steel rail wheel adopt rubber wheel produced in Taiwan, it is smooth and can support pressure of 30KG, and flex for 500 thousand times without broken.

Exterior structure: The side of the table is the duck mouth structure, or the opposite duck mouth structure, the table-board adopt PVC of 2MM thick to envelop, also fit out with the PVC double flow wire rabbet and outlet hole, the table legs fit out with the level adjustor, the range of the extending is from 0MM to 12MM