Sell Offline UPS

Offline UPS
Function & Characteristics
1. Smart Microprocessor controlled, and control by CPU
2. LCD status display
3. AVR function
4. High & low voltage, surge, overload and short-circuit protection
5. User-Replaceable Battery Design
6. Cold start function(DC power on)
7. Auto charge when shut down
8. With RS232 ccmmunication interface
9. Used as manostat when shut down

Technical Parameters
Capacity: 300W, 600W, 1KVA
Input voltage: 145VAC-275VAC or 175VAC-255VAC
Input frequency: 50Hz+/-5%
Output voltage: 220VAC+/10%
Output waveform: Square wave
Output power factor: 0.6
Output transfer time: Less than 8ms(typical)
Battery type: 12V/4AH, 12V/7AH, 12V/4AH*2, 12V/7AH*2, 24V/7AH
Alarm for battery back-up: Sounding every 4 seconds
Alarm for backup time is only 1min: Sounding every 1 second
Alarm for overload: Continue beeping sound
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