Sell Offset Plate Register Punch

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1. CCD lens enabling 40X magnification print register marks for easy visual inspection.

2. Concurrent front-back, left-right and rake angle adjustment of PS plate plus fine tuning device.

3. Stable air power punching, easy and fast.

4. One time punching, instant printing, saving time of changing plate.

5. Accurate register upgrades printing quality markedly.

6. Efficiency greatly raised and labor intensity reduced.

7. Ink and paper saving.

8. Compatible to offset printing machine of any model/

9. Different holes made by one machine, more economical.

Optional parts:

1. Plate bending system, right angle and arcing angle.

2. Desktop aspirator which enhances the stability of bending plate.

3. Electrodynamic focus aiming with program control.

4. Computer controlling system with amiable LCD touch screen.

5. Various nails for exposure plate and patching plate.
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