Sell Oil Desilter

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Hydro cyclone desilters are one of important equipment of controlling the solids in the oil & gas drilling fluid ( drilling mud) . The action is to remove the harmful solids, promote the drill fluid performance and separate 15~47 5m solids particles accounting for over 60% of solids quantity.

When the quick drilling is made in the soft formation, the shaker only can remove large solids particles, but the desilter can remove fine solids particles, fully promoting the solids control efficiency. Therefore, it is especially suitable for the well site where the formation is considerable hard and the drilling speed is slower so that the cuttings is very fine in particle size.

Product Features:

1. The desilter is fitted with 8 cyclones that are of symmetrical arrangement and features compact structure, small volume and easy maintenance.

2. The matched shaker is fitted with an eccentric shaft vibrator and a sheet of tensioned screen tightened with hook strips on both sides, therefore, it is easy to tighten and replace the screen.