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Model: DCS-50E-1
DCS-50E-1 Oil Drum/Liquid Filling Machine is best suited for both thin and viscous liquids. It is built to meet food grade standards, and also handle various chemical applications. Our design offers the ability to upgrade fully automation.

1 HandFree Weighing Control Technology;
2 Optional operation mode: Auto mode or Manual mode;
3 Automatically switched between Fast filling rate and Slow filling rate;
4 Stainless Steel pipe and valve;
5 Leakage proof design of injector to prevent pollution;
6 Applicable to buckets with different dimensions and shapes;
7 Easily understood and operated for most users, with excellent performance;
8 Low maintain cost owe to the extensive application of standardized components.

Filling speed 6 P/min (25 kg)
Packing style bucket
Packing range 1-50 kg (according to customers requirement)
Packing accuracy <0.2% (25 kg)
Capacity of scale <50 kg (according to customers requirement)
Power AC220 V15% 50 Hz 50 W
Net weight 100 kg
Air pressure >4kgf /cm2
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