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Dali oil-painting manufacture LTD. is located in Fujian, a large oil-painting manufacturing base in China. Our products: oil paintings, painting reproductions, hand painted oil paintings, art, picture frames, photo reproductions, portraits, moderns, classics, impressionisms, nudes, scenerys, landscapes, still lifes, abstracts, arts, decoratives, van gogh, monet, on canvas, horses, contemporarys, florals, wildlifes, fine arts, angels, realistics, childs, venices, masterpieces, impressionists, ships, pets, boats, cheap oil paintings, oil paintings wholesale, chinese oil painting, artists, new oil paintings, discounts, gallery, famous artists.
Our company has our own painting factory, which has several hundred regular professional
painters. All of the works are painted by hand. We produce oil paintings of all grades, styles and schools, we have a large amount of oil paintings in stock for supply. We have our own wholesales depart! ment . We can provide you a place free of charge to purchase the newest patterns of oilpaintings.
And could inform thousands of excellent painters come with their paintings for you to choose. The price is reasonable. You can also inform us several days in advance of your arrival day and the
style/quantity needed, and we will do the rest for you ! There are 3 bases of oilpainting in China:
Putian, Xiamen and Shenzhen, among the three bases, the price of oilpaintings made in Putian is the lowest because putian' s comsumption level is lower than the two other places.
Welcome to contact us and visit us. Our website . My company has a lot of stock on hands at present, price is very cheap. please large numbers of clients to contact us for enquiry.