Sell Oil Proof waterproof filters

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Oil Proof waterproof filters :Apply anti-oil and waterproof filtration material .
Antistatic filters :Apply anti-static filtration material .
Flame retardant filters :Apply filtration material that can retard flame .
Heterotypic filters :new filter in order to apply to new specification and the equipments
Long Filter-to instead of filter bag and applied to relatively large dust concentration and other industries
Alternatives to bag filters . suitable to latest air pulse dust-collectors.
Upload type :put the piston ring into the flower plate hole , then step the filter cartridge.
Download type :put the hold hoop into the flower plate hole , use the bolt to tight after putting in the filter cartridge .
Aluminum with three ears :make the chuck tighten .
Applying imported PTEE membrane polyester fiber filtration material with small aperture and high precision :
Smooth material surface, easy for cleaning :
High filtration efficiency 99.999%:
Stable chemical properties , corrosion resistance .
metal jointing , plasma cutting .
Recycling of molybdenum &lead