Sell Oil Spill & Garbage Collecting Vessel

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Technical Specification - Standard Equipment

Length: 9,10 meter  (8 m when transport by 40 opentop ct. )

Width without pontoons: 2,28 meter  (When transported by 40 opentop ct. )

Width with pontoons: 3,88 meter.

Height: 0,80 meter over waterlevel when operating. 2,9 m with pilothouse.

Weight: 7,5 tons approximately.

Hull material: Sea water resistant aluminum.

Tank volume: 2,20 m wide x 5,00 m long x 1,35 m deep: Approx. 15 m3.

Draft: 1,35 m when operating, approx. 0,50 m when empty.

Engine: Perkins 6 cyl. Diesel 178 HP. Other types available.

Hydraulic capacity: Variable hydraulic pump; max 370 l/min @ 200 bar.
Other types available.

Trusters, all hydraulic operated: Rear, 2 main trusters. Front, one side truster. Rear, one side truster.

OP-Skimmer unit: 2,2 m by 3 mm slot. Hydraulically adjustable angle and vertical position of the unit.

OP-Skimmer unit pump: Mapex centrifugal pump, hydraulically operated, variable
delivery up to 200 m3 per hrs, normally 40 m3 per hrs.

Main pump,
hydraulically operated : Vogelsang 186Q Type 130, 144 m3 per hrs, 10 bar rotary
piston pump, twin motor operated.

In/out connections, main pump: Manifold for firefighting equipment connections.
Spill suction from vessel tank.
External suction connection.
External pressure side connection.

Hydraulic outlet: Up to 370 m3 per hrs. @ 200 bar

7 Pilothouse in sea water resistant aluminum, heated. Electrical connections. 7 VHF/UHF radio7 Depth finder 7 Craine, 6,4 m outreach e. g. 2,5 tm /max 840 kg. 7 Garbage net7 Beck plates