Sell Oil drum filling machine

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It is widely used in fixed quantity filling among bevrager, grease, and chemical industries.
It has storage of 100 different weight setting and other filling parameters.
Feeding at high speed or low speed according to different requirement.
Protection against collision, so that no damage caused by misalignment between bucket and injector.
Stainless steel pipe and valve.
Leakage proof design of the injector to prevent environmental pollution caused by material leaking.
Can be applied to any bucket with different sizes and shapes.
The feeding precision is decided by the adjustment of the feeding speed and the continuity and stability of the flow of the material, normally we can reach 10.1%~10.2%
Operation : fetch the bucket manually, aim then automatic feed. And we can adopt the automatic meatus search, position, feeding and transporting according to customer's requirement.
Have the function of displaying total weight fed and the accumulated quantity of buckets fed.
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