Sell Oil-immersed Transformers with H. V. of 33kV or 35kV

Oil-immersed Transformers with H. V. of 33kV or 35kV You May Also Be Interested In: oil immersed transformer oil immersed transformers oil  immersed transformers
Features of the products:
33KV series transformer is a kind of low-loss; low noise, low partial discharge, low temperature rise and energy-saving transformer classified as S9 series and SZ9 series. It is applicable to the 33KV power transmission and transformation system. The new design is completely comply with the IEC standards. The transformer is sealed structure so it can protect the insulating oil from getting pollution and aging.

Brief specifications:
Voltage class: 33kV or 35kV
Capacity: 2000~63000kVA
Partial discharge: apparent discharge<80pC at 150% of rated voltage
Sound level: <58dB (AN) for transformers with capacity of 63MVA
Losses: no-load losses is about 30% lower than IEC standard requirements

Oil-immersed transformer features proper design structure, low loss and noises, high overload capacity, flexible installation, small size as well as easy operation and maintenance.
They are capable of being applied to high-rise buildings, commercial centers, subways, airports, railway stations, industrial and mining establishments, drilling platforms and oil production platforms, and to the inflammable and explosive sites having strict fire protection requirements and the mal-conditions.

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