Sell Oil immersed transformer

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Oil-Immersed Transformer can serve both indoors and outdoors at an ambient temperature up to 400C. With reasonable structure, they are capable to withstand short-circuit and overload, and they are free of maintenance and easy to repair.
The side section of the core is oval-shape and the laminations joints are 450 Mitred at 4-step-lap, which gives a compact space factor and thereby lower no-load losses. The whole process is controlled by computer. The upper yoke is free of stacking. So it can reduce iron loss when assembling and disassembling the yoke from limbs.
Both HV and LV windings are designed in Layer and Cylindrical Structure. Instead of corrugated pressboard, laminated-wood rods are used to form oil-ducts which are easier for oil circulation and to speed up dissipating winding heat. That is why our transformer gets higher overload capacity. The LV winding of 250kva and above is made of imported copper foil. Winding layers, insulation is made up of diamond dotted paper, which is glued with all windings into an entirety after hot drying. This helps to strengthen the winding mechanism ability, which increases stronger capacity to withstand shot-circuit.
All wiring are connected in a flexible way, so they would not loose or be broken during transportation. The height of an active part is changeable with bolts and rubber under bottom. The active part would not be displaced during transportation, thus the product is reliable.
Every active part gets drying in a vacuum space. We use Vacuum Oil Filling Technique when covering the transformer in order to take away the moisture.
Our products are designed in tank structure of hermetically sealed. Its
Features are anti-aging, free-maintenance, "breathing", and low noise.
Rated voltage: 11, 10. 5, 10, 6. 3, 6KV (Or as customer requirement)
Rated power: 50 -400, 000kVA
Tapping range: 1 5% or 1 2 x 2. 5% (Or as customer requirement)
Frequency: 50Hz
Number of phases: 3
Connection symbol: Yyn0, Dyn11 or others
Cooling method: ONAN
Temperature rise limits: Winding<= 65K
Top oil<= 60K
Conservator type<= 55K
Voltage class: 6kV 10kV 20kV 35kV
Power frequency withstanding voltage: 25kV 35kV 55kV 85kV
Lightning impulse withstanding voltage: 60kV 75kV 125kV 200kV
Service condition: Altitude conditions<= 1000m, Ambient temperature<= 400C
Standards: GB1094 Power transformer
GB/T6451 Technical data & requirement of three-phase oil immersed power transformer
IEC60076 Power transformer