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Properties: white or slight yellow floc-like fiber powder or white powder, odorless, tasteless, no toxipuyang; disolved in cold water or hot water Detailed CMC for Oil Drilling Description Physical properties: a) Item: CMC - HV, CMC - LV b) Appearance: free flowing off white powder c) Moisture content: 10.0% max d) PH of solution: 6.0 - 8.5 e) Particle size: 95% min. , can pass through 40mesh Mud performance properties: a) CMC - HV 600rpm reading value 1) 2.2g in 350ml distilled water: >=30 2) 2.7g in 350ml 4% NaCl: >=30 3) 2.5g in 350ml saturated NaVl: >=30 b) CMC - LV 600rpm reading value 1) 10.5g in 350ml distilled water: <=90 c) Item fluid loss (ml / ) : 1) CMC - HV: <=10 2) CMC - LV: <=10