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Tube Pour-in And End Sealing Machine LPMIE-FG-50
Tube-delivery, Directional orientation of Tube, Filling, End Sealing/Ending Folding, Printing Batch No, and Finished products exit automatic accomplishment.
' This machine adopts the most advanced intelligence type human-machine interface control, and LCD operation panel with large screen; includes temperature settings, motor rotate speed, production speed etc; they can be displayed on the screen direct and can be adjustable on screen direct.
' Digital filling volume high speed device locates the outer-down position of the machine, and it is very convenient and easy to change the filling volume.
' The big volume automatic tube-delivery device is equipped with the machine, after the tubes are arranged in line and insert the orientation mould; it can accomplish the tube-delivery, filling, sealing and tube eject automatically.
' Direction orientation of tube, it adopts the photoelectric and servo-motor control and to be sure the exact end sealing.
' It is suitable for plastic tube, compound tube, and metal tube; the highest output is 4200pcs per hour.
' It adopts the design of no filling without tube, and it can assure no pollution machine by liquid.
' There are 16 working turnplates with huge working space.
' Easily disassembly of filling components and easily cleaning and sterilizing.
' While filling, the filling head enters into tube 20mm, and there is no liquid on the surface of tube wall which will not affect sealing.
' For the material with strong viscidity and it is easily drawn a long thread and left at nozzle, it can be equipped with an air blowing device and sure that it will not affect sealing.

' All of machine is made of Stainless Steel 316 and 305.
' The safety cover, transparent acryl window and safety switch are equipped with the machine, switch is off while opening of door.
' The volume of barrel: 65Liter.
' Production speed: 300-4200pcs/hour.
' Electric Source: 220V/50Hz 1PH
' Power: main machine(electric heating end sealing) : 3KW; ultrasonic sealing device(optional) : 0.6KW; Hopper heat preservation system(optional) : 1.5KW; Stir motor of barrel(optional) : 0.37KW.
' Air pressure: 6kgs/cm2
' Overall Dimension: 1650W1200W2100mm
' Weight: 600KGS
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