Sell Oishii-Mizu, Natural Mineral water with Negative ions

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Highly Purified Minerals and Negative Ions Water Making Bottle
Made in Japan

This is great and patented and specially designed in the container itself called as "FBI"
which generates "Magnetic Energy" helping to make the molecular of water active
and the Cylinder-shaped Core stuffed the rock named "Io-Seki" consisting of oceanic
deposit, "Ion tia-bals" set in the container which avails to generate the wide range
of minerals and negative ion.

You could get from tap water effective in
promoting by the attraction of magnet Blood Circulation and Ionization of Blood
activating by far infrared rays Metabolism and Body Cells
Keeping the internal ion balance, activating Basic Metabolism, burning Fat
to loose Weight.
smoothing by Negative Ion generating materials called as "Ion tia" and the mineral named
"Io-Seki" the ion exchange of Body Cells , absorbing Nourishment and excreting Waste
matter and protecting body from having active ions
Improving minimizing the clasuter of water Conditions
inclining to make Blood Alkalined and get reluxed bathed with forest shower
Removing Smell, Bacterias, etc. and keeping freshness, etc. using together with Beauty shower
under separate sale

For "Oishii-Mizu" we have aquired many licences like
Water quality test by Tokyo Food Sanitation Association (Food Research Laboratory)
Ammonia smell removing test by Tokai Analytical Chemistry Labo, Co. . , Ltd.
Negative ions generating test by
Antibacteria Test by Tokyo Kenbikyo-In Foundation (Institute for Food & Enviromental Sciences)
Water Drink Admitting Test by Research Institute , Food & Drug Safety Center

You could get Highly Purified Minerals and Megative Ions Water for one hours
and for 15 minutes leaving one third water for next onwards.

You can use for two (2) years.

We have already started to sell for Domestic Market and sold more than 600,000pcs and
are ready to launch to the world seeking the distributor in your area who has good and strong sales
networks especially for Mineral water supplying and Beauty care handling
routes. And these are sellable items with good reputation.

Meanwhile we talk about Beauty Shower.
This is for Beauty care product.
One spout generates 6,000pcs Negative ions per CC, which helps to activate Body Cells
and is most effective for Beauty and health.

You could get smooth running ones changed from pulped blood
spraying on your face and snuffing the fog of this water.

Using this spraying bottle you could
use it as Humid water for face and hair in order to activate Metabolism,
as removing Stench or Bacterias for the hands before taking meals, dishes after meal, napkin or
vegetables, etc.
as keeping freshness of foliage plant, flower arrangement, etc
as removing smell in office, rest rooms, etc
as taking reluxzation with negative ions
as protecting electromagnetic wave
etc. etc.

Now we are seeking the distributor who has good and strong sales channels for suitable markets in
your country.