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"Essiac' Tea-the history of. . . .
Serendipity Laboratories has obtained the 'genuine formula' in the 'SWORN AFFIDAVIT' by Mary McPherson who was Rene Caisse' personal helper for over 43 years.

Although the recipe given by the Shaman of the Ojibway Indian Tribe, originally contained 8 herbs, Nurse Caisse experimented until she found the most effective herbs-these are the herbs used in her herbal tea which she called 'essiac' .
The herbs must be in the correct ratio to be effective, and she found they were not only effective against cancer but were a powerful lymph drainage, stimulating the Lymph System to remove toxins from the body.
SERENDIPITY OJIBWAY~CAISSE herbs are sourced from around the world for their PURITY, Potency and Freshness.
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Ojibway~Caisse Herbal Tea
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Certified Organic or wildcrafted from unpolluted source
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