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Product Standard:CP 90

Molecular formula:C12H13N3O4

Molecular weight:256.25

Appearance:Pale yellow crystalline powder, bitter taste, Soluble in warm water, slightly soluble in cold water, almost insoluble in methyl alcohoi, alcohol and chloroform



Olaquindox Content% (m/m)

Burning remains PP m

Melting point:

Heavy metals PP m

Chloride % (m/m)

Arsenic PP m

Lossing on drying % (m/m)



This product is a lind of antibiots. It can inprove the growth of the livestock and prevent them from being infected with bacteria, fungus, or virus and crue the in fected Livestock. When it is used in the food Synthests of metadolism on the Livestock. Thus makes the livestock grow fasen in weight with high protein and low fat it is widely used for feeding pigs fishes especially for curing diarrbea of poultry and pigs. This product can be quickly absorbed by the livestock.

Packing: 25kgs/drum(inner lined with polyethyene sack)

Storage: Be kept in well closed container. Preserved in a dry and cold place. Protected from light.

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