Sell Oleoresin Paprika (oil soluble)

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Oleoresin Paprika Oil Soluble is a natural color, which is obtained through an extraction, separation and refining processes from high quality paprika.

Its main composition is capsanthin and capsorubin. Its a kind of oil liquid with dark red color.

It is easily dissolve in almost oil. It has good fluidity and solubility with bright color and superior coloring strength .

our oleoresin paprika is 100% natural colorant ( red chilli color ) .

Quality Index:
1. Color value E1%1cm,460nm: 6666cu-100000cu or according to the customers requirements
2. Capsaicin content: <=0.5
3. Solvent residual(n-hexane) : <=5ppm
4. Arsenic:<=3
5. Lead: <=10

Application:Extensively applied to cakes, instant noodle, pickles, canned food, butter food, seafood, meat, pork, sausage, canned asparagus, dishes, drugs, cosmetics, birds feed. . . etc. Mixed with edible oil or put in directly as the additive quantity required.

Package: Food-grade or export special plastic packaging barrel,20kg/barrel or acording to customers requirments.

Storage: Stored in dark, low temperature, sealed, dry, clean environment
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