Sell Olivital Olive Leaf Extract with Natural Orange oil

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Get the all natural boost you need.

Olivital, Australian-made olive leaf extract, will help you regain and maintain good health with a naturally occurring health product which has scientific evidence against many of today's ailments.

All Natural, 100% Australian Made

The diverseness of olives is well known from the fruit to oil but for thousands of years Olive Leaf Extract has been used as a folk remedy. Only now scientific research has started to unlock the wide range of health benefits available from the Olive Leaf Extract and naturally occurring trace minerals contained in Olivtial.

Nature at Work

Olive trees produce Oleuropein as part of a compound which gives them a resistance to bacterial and insect damage. This naturally occurring active compound has been found to have vast healing properties in the human body. Oleuropein boosts the immune system whilst attacking microbes such as viruses, bacteria, fungi and other parasites that cause disease. The benefits olive leaf extract dont end there!

The rouge scavenging and antioxidant properties of Olivital help to increase

Energy levels
Immune system
General wellbeing
Whilst helping to prevent and treat symptoms of:

Cold and flu
Anxiety and tension
Mild upper respiratory tract infections
Maintain normal cholesterol and blood sugar levels.
The book Olive Leaf Extract written by Dr Moreton Walker has made reference to many other ailments which olive leaf extract can be beneficial for including

Arthritic inflammation
Chronic Fatigue
Fungal infections & Parasites
Various sexually transmitted diseases.
Food-bourne illness (food poisoning) .
Plus many more. . (refer to Scientific research for further information)

Reasons for buying our Olive Leaf Extract

StrengthOleuropein is the important active ingredient in olive leaf products. Independent laboratory tests have shown that our Olive Leaf Extract is stronger in Oleuropein than many other liquid olive leaf extract tested on the Australian market. The tests, undertaken by a Therapeutic Goods Administration accredited laboratory, have revealed that our Extract is equal to Brand A, twice as strong as brand B, four times stronger than brand C, five times stronger than bran D and Twenty-three times stronger than brand E.

Produced from fresh alive leaves direct from the grove, and bottling on site, allows us to ensure a high quality product is maintained.
Containing all Natural ingredients including naturally occurring trace minerals such as Zinc, Calcium, Iron and many more.

We do not produce from dehydrated leaves.

Production of our extract is in strict accordance with the Australian Code of Good Manufacturing Practice (G. M. P) and our product is accredited by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (T. G. A) overseas equivalent to the USFDA.

100% Australian made and owned.

History and uses

The olive tree is one of the oldest trees in history dating back more than 6000 years. Many ancient civilizations used the olive tree to provide food, light, longevity and vibrant health to humankind.

The versatile olive tree has many uses including. . .

oil from olives
olives for eating,
waste pomace from oil extraction is used for energy, heat, fertilizer and stock feed
and above all olive leaves to be processed for olive leaf extract!

Ways to use Olive Leaf Extract

This easy to use liquid product can be mixed with yoghurt, food, beverages or simply taken by itself as it is pleasantly flavoured with natural Orange oil.

Liquid Olivital is absorbed more rapidly into the system for faster results and is normally higher in Oleuropein content than other capsule or powdered forms.

Using Olive Leaf Extract according to the recommended dosage guidelines, a 500mL bottle will last one person one month.

Order your Olivital and improve your health today!

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