Sell Omnipower 3.6V Lithium Battery ER14250

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Product: Primary Lithium Battery (Lithium Thionyl Chloride, Li-SOCl2)
Model: ER14250
Specification of ER14250: 3.6V, 1/2AA size, 1200mAh
Dimension of ER14250: 14.5x25mm
Weight of ER14250: 10g
Operating temperature of ER14250: -55 ~85 Celsius degree
Characteristics of ER14250: high energy density, hermetically sealed, low self discharge, 1000+ count

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Equivalent Models for ER14250:
Tadiran TL-5902, TL-2150, TL-5151, TL-4902, TL-5101,
TL-5111, Saft LS-14250, SL-14250C, Toshiba ER3V,

The all type for ER14250:
ER14250 Energy type (for normal discharge)
ER14250M --High power type (for high power discharge)
ER14250S---High temperature type (for high temperature operation)
14.5 x 25mm
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