Sell One-piece Construction External Counter Pulsation

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One-piece Construction External Counter Pulsation

1. It adopts integration of machinery (All in One) design which makes the operation more reasonable and the installation more convenient.
2. It is more comfortable for the bed is designed based on the principle of human engineering. It makes the treatment more easily.
3. It adopts modern industrial design which makes the appearance of product is luxury and kindness.
4. The air compressor adopt in the machine is Becker sliding vane rotary compressor which is made in Germany and it is full of gas, low noisy and light.
5. It adopts the German Siemens inverter which is good at speed regulating. Automatically traced on the basis of the patient's ECG data, control the gas production of the air compressor in real-time so as to conserve energy and protect environmental in maximum.
6. The angle of the backrest is can be adjust on the basis of patient's physiological situation.
7. All the indexes of product were passed the district test of EU, and have got the CE Certificate.
8. It adopts the electromagnetic valve with independent intellectual property rights, and the characteristics of inflation and deflation are more excellent.
9. The cuffs adopt humanistic design which makes operation more convenient, and it is passed the test of bio-compatibility.
10. It adopts special noise reduction and heat dissipation system, and the indexes of the whole machine are come up to and better than National Standard.