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Ongoing Production Levi
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Here is the protocol for production through our Levi factory system -- These are Factory Direct through Levi Straus & Co. , SF, CA, USA (henceforth called Levi) .

1. The Levi Factory will not start production without a deposit.

2. The Levi Factory will not ship the finished production without balance paid. Once balance paid, Levi ships to wherever you want them to go at Levi expense.

3. There is no inspection at the factories -- no Buyer is allowed into the Factories.

4. No one can get papers at the Levi Factory, as papers come direct from Levi, not Factory. All papers sent direct to Buyer within 24-48 hours after Levi receiving deposit.

(Please see attached copies of docs) -- you will receive papers very similar to this in 24-48 hours after Levi receives your deposit, and Levi also considers it your receipt of deposit.

5. At any point, if Buyer not satisfied, Levi has built-in refund policy (if you don't like papers, call Levi for refund; if you do not like your shipment of goods, call Levi to authorize that you send them back) .

These terms above are NON-NEGOTIABLE and have never been any different for how Levi runs their factory direct.

6. We need a Purchase Order, that also states the sizes and washes and what countries for delivery for your first installment. Can go into ANY country, but we need to know exactly what country they are going to.

7. We (Supplier & Levi Guy) have done many deals this way, and all have been successful, all clients satisfied and no one has ever asked for deposit or full payment back.

8. Payments may be made through our Transaction Attorney, who will transfer payment to Levi Strauss & Co, SF, California, USA. You can also pay us directly. LC okay, but MUST be cashed before going to Levi.

To start production, we need 30% of total.
70% due before Levi ships (shipping will be anywhere between 10 days -8 weeks depending on your production cycle speed, which Levi determines depending on their demand) .
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Levis 501-0193
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