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Item No. : AJK-10kva 20kva

Product Name: Three phase online UPS

Mains Frequency Technology
Built-in isolated transformer. Interference free, give a clean power with high overload performance.

True Online UPS, Double Conversion IGBT Technology
The Pure Sine Wave online UPS. With the latest double conversion IGBT technology, this UPS can offer the best clean power source for all type of applications.

LCD display Human-Machine Interface
All important parameters was showed on the screen such as UPS status, battery condition, input and output value, frequency value, loading percentage, etc.

20 KHz PWM Technology
20 KHz PWM circuit, Noise<=60DB.

Wide Input Range
25% tolerance of input voltage is permitted, under full load condition. Protect batteries from frequent switching to backup mode.

STS (Static Transfer Switch) , Mechanical Failure Free
STS (Static Transfer Switch) is provided for output with zero interrupt in the event of outage. There should be less than 2 ms for switching to bypass in the event of UPS failure.

Overload Protection
Overloaded up to 125%, automatically switch to bypass after 60 seconds. Recovery after load corrected

Short Circuit Protection
Built-in short circuit protection to prevent any unexpected damage.

Hot Standby Function
For genuinely redundant power protection, UPS can be installed in hot-standby mode, ready to take over the load automatically in the event of a critical component failure.

High-Temperature Protection
Built-in Temperature control to protect electronic component from high temperature.

Cold Start Function
Powerful startup circuit, cold start can be performed even in the battery mode.

Charging Current Adjustable
Charging current can be adjusted from 1A to 10A.

Advance Alarming System
Built-in advance alarming system, giving reminders to the users of the UPS status.

Computer Interface
RS232 communication +UPS monitor software
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