Sell Oolong Tea - Yellow Gold Oolong

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Oolong Tea. Known for its golden color in the cup and fresh floral aromatics, Zen Yellow Gold Oolong is a step between the floral characteristics of the "green" style and the more bold and nutty flavors of the "dark" style oolongs. The thinner and smaller leaves require less rolling and pressing, and this same quality produces a bouquet of well-rounded and mature floral flavors, yielding a smooth mouth feel and gentle soothing finish. This tea is suitable for any occasion and brews well as Gong Fu style tea or in gaiwans. Brew at higher temperatures for fuller flavor or lower temperature for more floral aromatics.

PREPARATION: We recommend a steeping time 1 to 3 minutes with 90C/194F water. Zen Yellow Gold Oolong may be infused 3 or more times. After the first infusion, you may wish to increase both steeping time and/or water temperature.