Sell Opaque Frit

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Opaque Frit No.0827

Firing Range:1140-1180; COE:205

Softening Point:790

For floor tiles in single firing.

Can be adjusted with other raw materials as engobe.


Opaque Frit No.336

Firing Range:110-1150; COE:197

Softening Point:750

For Floor tiles in single firing or inner wall tiles in single or one and half firing.


Opaque Frit No.09

Firing Range:1000-1050; COE:213

Softening Point:630

For high-grade inner wall tiles in double firing or sanitary ware, etc.


Opaque Frit No.08-1

Firing Range:1020-1060; COE:225

Softening Point:640

For inner wall tiles in double firing.


QDCB, China