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Product Description
Our SC-3000 all digital SCA radio receiver is the latest edition of car sca receiver. This model can be pre-setted with 7 frequencies and has a digital display to show.

Instead of the fixied transmitting frequency, SC-3000 give you a open band from 88-108. You may tune to select the best one for sound quality when you drive to different place. Always ensure you hava the best sound.


1) Seven Subcarrier frequencies pre-setted according to your require
2) receiver Frequency range:
(1) FM:88MHz-108MHz
(2) Subcarrier frequency :
67/92KHz 7band for each67and92
3) receiver Sensitivity:
(1) FM:5uV
(2) SCA:20uV
4) Power source from car smoke lighter
5) easy and effective when istall in car
6) special design antenna ensure high quality voice
7) Digital display show clearly which frequency you are listenning to.

Product Specification/Models
Dimensions : 150*100*30mm
Colors : Dark grey
Power : DC 12Volts
Available Colors
blue and white
Condition of Goods
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
1000 units
Power Requirements
DC 12Volts
Terms of Payment
T/T or L/C
Terms of Sale