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LASIK is an ambulatory procedure done in an ophthalmology office or clinic. Numbing eye drops are used. The eyelids are held open so that there is no interference with the laser. The ophthalmologist creates an ultrathin flap on the front of the eye with a precise automated instrument. The flap is gently lifted and the preprogrammed laser then reshapes the inner cornea to refocus the eye. The flap is repositioned and holds itself in place, healing naturally without the need for any stitches. The laser pulses last on the average between 30 and 60 seconds. In all, LASIK takes about 20 minutes to do both eyes. The procedure is without much pain and recovery is quick.

1. LASIK Instruments
(1) LASIK Speculums, Elevators & Smoothers, Markers & Fixation Rings
(2) LASIK Forceps
(3) LASIK Cannulas
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