Sell Ophthalmic viscoelastics Sodium Hyaluronate HA and NaHA

Ophthalmic viscoelastics Sodium Hyaluronate HA and NaHA You May Also Be Interested In: ha sodium hyaluronate
Ophthalmics Int'l. manufactures the purest ophthalmic viscoelastic devices.
Manufacturer of Sodium Hyaluronate HA and NaHA for ophthalmic surgery.
1. Eye4Visc, HPMC2%
PFS 1.0ml. -1.5ml. -2.0m; l. -2.5ml.
2. Sodium Hyaluronate HA rooster comb
Sodium Hyaluronate NaHA Bacterial
1.3% -1.4% -1.5% -1.6% -1.8% -2.0%
2.3% -2.4% -2.5% -3.0%
Prefilled GLASS syringe and 25G viscocannula (B&D)
PFS 0.5ml. -1.0ml. -1.5ml.
Packing:Blister pack
Molecular Weight: fROM 1.5M Daltons - 3M Daltons
Viscosity: From 200,000 cPs -1M CpS

-OEM manufacturing.
(Private label manufacturing. )
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CLR Medicals Int'l. Inc. USA.
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