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Optical Fiber Splice Tray System (OFST/OFSTH) , which provides a protective environment where excess fiber can be stored and splices may occur without worry of damage to the fiber. The splice tray is offered in two styles, OFST-1-P for a plain tray and OFST-1-M for a managed tray with a specific 'dark' fiber storage area. The splice trays can be stacked to any specific height and topped off with a lid (OFST-1-L) . The trays are connected together and are opened from either side with specially designed hinges offered in two colors, OFSTH-1GRN in green and OFSTH-1RED in red. The trays are designed with a slot on one of the long sides for fiber routing from tray to tray. A specially designed splice holder/gripper (OFSH-6-3.5) fits into the various mounting holes for holding splice protectors, couplers and fiber cables. The OFSH-6-3.5 can also serve as an entry and exit port routing device for fibers down to 250-micron primary fiber. The OFSH-6-3.5 is also available with loose adhesive for application in any system. The tray and the lid are made of a V-0 rated material.
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