Sell Optic Fiber Splicing Machine - Fujikura FSM-50S

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Fibre types Singlemode (ITU-T G.652) , multimode (ITU-T G.651) , dispersion shifted (ITU-T G.653) , non-zero dispersion shifted (ITU-T G.655)
Average Splice Loss
0.02dB with G.652, 0.01dB with G.651 and 0.04dB with G.653 and G.655
Return Loss 60dB or greater
Fibre Coating 1005m to 10005m
Fibre Cladding 805m to 1505m
Fibre Cleave Length 8 to 16mm with coating diameter of 2505m or less. 16mm with coating diameter of 2505m to 10005m
Splice Protector Heater For all standard and micro splice protectors with protection sleeve centering device
Atmospheric Compensation Automatic up to 3500 metres altitude with temperature and humidity compensation
Proof Test 1.96N (200gf) standard or 4.41N (450gf) option, mechanical proof test
Fibre Viewing Method Dual CCD cameras and 5.6 TFT colour LCD monitor
Magnification 295x for single X and Y views. 147x for X/Y view
Splice Data Storage 2000 splice data records
Interface USB 1.1 for PC interface. RCA video jack
Power Supply AC : 100 to 240V via AC adaptor ADC-11
DC Input 10 to 15V via ADC-11
Detachable Battery Option BTR-06S, 4.5Ah, (equivalent splice/shrinks : 60) BTR-06L, 9.0Ah, (equivalent splice/shrinks : 120)
Dimensions (WxDxH) 150mm x 150mm x 150mm
Weight 2.8kg including AC adaptor
Operating Temperature -100C to +500C
Storage Temperature -400C to +800C
Operation Languages 15 type of languages
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