Sell Optical Brightener CBS-X (C. I. 351)

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Optical Brightener CBS-X (C. I. 351)
Chemical name: 4.4-bis(2-disulfonic acid styryl) biphenyl
Molecular formula: C28H18O6S2Na2
Molecular weight: 562
CAS NO. : 27322-41-8
C. I. :351
PR Optical Brightener CBS-X is Equivalent to CIBA Tinopal CBS-X, it is widely used in detergent, soap and cosmetics industries etc. It is also used in textile. It is the most excellent whitening agent for washing powder, washing cream and liquid detergent. It is liable to biology degradation and readily soluble in water, even in low temperature, especially suitable for liquid detergent. Products of the same kind made in foreign countries include, Tinopal CBS-X, etc.
Appearance: Light yellow green and good flowing granular.
Solid content: 99% min
Indissoluble substance (in water) : 0.5% max
Solubility (in water) : 250, 25g/l; 700, 100g/l; 950, 300g/l
Moisture: 0.5%max
Particle size: 95% through 80mesh sieves
E1: 1150+/_38
In ultra-violet range: 348-350nm
PR Optical Brightener CBS-X mainly used in increasing whiteness of cellulose fiber, PA, azelon, cotton and extensively used in synthetic washing powder. The effects of being brightened cotton by this consistency product are 2.7 times as big as Optical Brightener of diphenyle-thene double triazine.
Package: Packing in 25kg fiber drum. It also can be packed 250kg in big bag or according to the requirement of the customers.
Storage: Keep in cool dry place; keep away from sunlight, provided the usual precautions for handling chemicals are observed. Avoid dust formation and ignition sources.