Sell Optical Brightener EB-330

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Optical Brightener EB-330
Main Chemical Composition: stilbene derivative
C. I. Number: 199:1
Appearance: slight yellow liquid
Ionic character: nonionic
PH value: 5-7

Active content: >16%
Property: mainly be used in whitening of polyester fabric and its blends with strong fluorescence, high whitening performance, good fastness to light, wash and excellent fastness to sublimation.

1. Pad-thermos fixing process
EB-330 2-3g/l (should be adjusted according to the sample testing) , procedure: pad(two dips and two squeezes, residual liquor content 70%) dry(1000) cure(180-2000, 20-30s)
(1) The goods must be rinsed thoroughly after pretreatment to ensure the PH below 8
(2) The PH of the pad liquor should be adjusted to 4-5 with acetic acid

2. HT exhausting process
EB-330 0.2-0.3%(o. w. f. ) Liquor ratio 1:10-30
Treating temperature 110-1300 treating time 30-60min
PH 5-10(5-7 is specially recommended)
Packing: 25kg per plastic drum