Sell Optical Brightener KSN (C. I:368)

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Optical Brightener KSN (C. I:368)
Chemical name: 5-methyl-2, 2-(1, 2-Ethenediyldi-4, 1-phenylene) -Bisbenzoxazole
Structural formula:
Molecular formula: C29H20N2O2 CAS NO. : 007128-64-5
C. I:368
1 Highly whiteness with small usage.
2. Multipurpose used for whitening of polyester fiber and plastic.
3. Having a good compatibility and good fastness to light and sublimation.
4 Can be used for high temperature process
Appearance: greenish yellow powder
Melting process: 280-3000C
Ash content: 0.3% max
Purity: 99.0% min
Volatile content: 0.3% max
Fineness (300 mesh) : 100%

The dosage should be 0.01-0.05% in plastic materials.
PR Optical Brightener KSN mainly used in whitening of polyester, polyamide, polyacrylonitrile fiber, the plastic film and in all plastic pressing process.
Package: Packing in 25kg fiber drum. It also can be packed 250kg in big bag or according to the requirement of the customers.