Sell Optical Brightener OB

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Product Name: Optical Brightener OB
Chemical Name: 2,5-bis(5-terbutyl-2-benzoxazolyl) thiophene
Molecular Formula: C26H26N2O2S
Molecular Weight: 430
Chemical Structure:

Optical brightener OB is a kind of benzoxazole compound, It is odorless, hard to dissolve in water. It dissolves in paraffin, fat, mineral oil, wax and common organic solvents. It can be used for whitening thermoplastic plastics, PVC, PA, PS, PE, PP, ABS, Acetate fiber, paints, coatings, printing ink etc. It can be added at any stage in the process of whitening the polymers and can give the finished products a bright bluish white glaze.

Appearance: Bright yellow green crystal powder
Max. absorption wave: 375 nm
Max. optic emitting wave: 435 nm
Purity: 99% min.
Ash: 0.2% max.
Melting Point: 198-200C

It is widely used in PVC, PA, PS, PE, PP, ABS and other plastics, it can also be used in ink industry.

Process method:
Thoroughly disperse Optical Brightener OB into polymers, Please kindly note that we must adjust the dosage when we use UV Absorption Agent in the polymers.

PVC: 0.01-0.05% (white) , 0.001-0.01% (Transparent)
PS: 0.001% (white) , 0.001-0.01% (Transparent)
ABS: 0.01-0.05% (white) , 0.01-0.05% (Transparent)
PE/PP: 0.005-0.05% (white) , 0.0005-0.001% (Transparent)

Packing: 25kg drum