Sell Optical Brightener SWN (C. I.140)

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Optical Brightener SWN (C. I.140)
Chemical name: 7-diethylamino-4-methylcoumarin
Molecular formula: C14H17NO2
Molecular weight: 231.3
CAS NO. : 91-44-1
C. I:140
The same name: Uvitex SWN
PR Optical Brightener SWN is soluble in ethanol, glPRol, acidic liquor, resin and varnish. In water, the solubility of SWN is only 0.006 percent. It functions by emitting red light and present purple tincture.
Appearance: white crystal powder
Solubility: dissolve in acid water, ethanol and other organic solvent
Melting Point: 72-740C
Assay: 99% min (HPLC)
Volatile Content: 0.3%max
Ash Content: 0.1%max

It is used in brightening acetate fiber, polyester fiber, polyamide fiber, acetic acid fiber and wool. It also can be used in cotton, plastic and chromatically press paint, and added into resin to whiten the fiber cellulose

Package: Packing in 25kg fiber drum. It also can be packed 250kg in big bag or according to the requirement of the customers.