Sell Optical Brighteners MDAC

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Optical Brightening Agent MDAC
Main Chemical Composition: Coumarin Derivatives

Specification: Appearance: Off-white powder
Melting Point: 69.5-71.00C

C. I. Number: 91

Property: 1. multipurpose brightener with excellent whiteness, soluble in ethanol but insoluble in water.
2. having properties of good solubility and compatibility.
Application: mainly be used as brightener of H-PVC, S-PVC, wool, natural silk, polyamide fiber and acrylic fiber. Also can be used for detergent. This product is a common laser dyestuff.
1. H-PVC:0.03-0.1% S-PVC:0.02-0.08@
2. Soluble with ethanol before adding.
wool: 0.05-0.35% polyamide fiber: 0.05-0.3%
natural silk: 0.05-0.4% acrylic fiber: 0.05-0.8%
3. detergent:0.001-0.005%
Packing: 25kg per fiber drum