Sell Optical Cable Cross Connection box

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Optical Cable Cross Connection box
Optical Cable Cross Connection box is an outdoor optical equipment that is specially designed for outdoor optical nodes in access network. Box Frame innovated in techniques is made from new-style compound SMC material, which is formed by high-temperature and high-pressure molding. Its with smooth surface, logical structure, well-distributed and handsome outline.

◇ It is made from New-style compound SMC material, the frame is attributed with excellent performance of anti-erosion and antiaging. Its life is more than 30 years.
◇ New type lock; locks are changed for different users.
◇ The rabbet-joint structure and auxiliary air-proof parts are applied on the board of the box door, so the frame is with good airproof performance to defend against rain, dust and worm. And The security level reaches the requirements of GB4208-IP65.
◇ The frame with inner and outside convection passage has function against vapor coagulation.
◇ The security is guaranteed by the measures of three-point orientation lock on the frame and door, it is safe and reliable.
◇ The parts is rational in size, inside space is commodious.
◇ Double side cabinet; reduced width; structure improvement such as moving direct splice area; jumper management can be performed at either front or back.