Sell Optical Calcite Crystal and Finished Components

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We supply optical Calcite Crystal (Iceland Spar) both in raw material and semi-finished form or finished form (such as polarizers, waveplates, etc. ) ready to be used as per customer's dimension or detail technical specified.

Typical products are rhombohedral shape, rectangle and round, shaped plate, wedge and cube. The optical calcite crystals are carefully selected to eliminate small inclusions, cleavage planes, cloud and mist, point defects and bubbles inside the crystal. It is known for its properties of transparency and double refraction, used chiefly in the manufacture of Nicol prisms, polarizers, waveplates, wedges, etc. , which are essential parts of polarizing components and other special optical instruments.

Our Capabilities:
Surface Quality: 10/5 Scratch and Dig
Dimension tolerance: 10.1 mm
Parallelism: < 5 arc. sec.
Beam Deviation: <3 arc. min.
Optical axis orientation: +/-0.20
Flatness: /4 @ 632.8 nm
Transmission wavefront distortion: < /2 @ 632.8 nm
AR Coating: < 0.2%
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