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TW3306 Optical Fiber Identifier is an essential installation and maintenance instrument, It can identify optical fibers without any damage by detecting the optical signals being transmitted through them so that avoid to opening the fiber at the splice point for identification and interrupting the service.
TW3306 Optical Fiber Identifier detects frequency tones at 270Hz, 1KHZ, 2KHZ, when traffic is present on the fiber under test, an audible tone can be heard. In the meantime, it can identify the traffic direction that indicated by LED with illumination.


Efficiently identifies the traffic direction and frequency tone (270Hz, 1KHz, 2KHz) without any damage of the fibers.

Display 3 levels of signal intensity

Low bending loss and high efficient output

Easy to replace adaptors (X0.25, X0.9, X2.0, X3.0 to satisfy various optical cables)

Portable, compact size and easy-to-use.


Maintenance Telecom

Maintenance CATV

Test Lab

Other Fiber Optic Works



Identified Wavelength Range
900-1650 nm

Identified Signal Type
CW, 270Hz15%,1kHz15%,2kHz15%

Detector Type
X1mm InGaAs 2pcs

Adapter Type
X0.25 (Applicable for Bare Fiber)

X0.9 (Applicable for X0.9 Cable )

X2.0 (Applicable for X2.0 Cable )

X3.0 (Applicable for X3.0 Cable )

Signal Direction
Left & Right LED

Signal Intensity
3 Levels of signal intensity

Signal Frequency
270Hz, 1kHz, 2kHz

Power Supply
One 9V Alkaline battery

Operating Temperature

Storage Temperature

Dimension (mm)